Best mattress 2022

Find the best mattress of 2022 to sleep on, from memory foam to hybrid box spring and everything in between

Best mattress 2022
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T3's best mattress 2022 guide has been carefully curated for sleepers of all shapes, sizes and styles, but choosing the right bed for your needs is no easy choice. From support to firmness level, comfort and heat exchange, there's a ton of factors that go into selecting a proper mattress – all of which we aim to help you navigate with our guide.

Buying a mattress is a very personal experience from picking the right firmness, support and comfort level to the right size for you and your partner. Picking the best mattress can be a challenge if you are not quite sure what to look for. Hopefully, our guide to the best mattresses of 2022 will help make it a bit easier to help you get a good night's sleep.

We've included suggestions for those in need of a mattress for any situation or budget, whether it be health reasons, pain relief or just a better night's sleep. Some of the best mattresses for back pain, the best mattresses for side sleepers and more are covered right here in our guide. From sturdy and firm memory foams to soft hybrid setups, we provide a breakdown of the best options available to you.

To that end, we've reviewed a selection of mattresses at a range of price points, including our top memory foam, pocket sprung and hybrid models, to put together this definitive list of the best mattresses for a range of sleepers. We've conducted extensive research, as well as trying all these mattresses out for ourselves, to make sure they deliver on their promises.

Generous free trial periods with some of these mattresses also eliminate the risk of buying a mattress without trying, so shoppers unsure of the price tags can give the mattress a proper test run before committing. Is it the right time to upgrade or change out your mattress, though?

Many of you may be asking how often should you change your mattress, and the answer is more often than you might think. According to, you should get a new mattress every 6-8 years under normal conditions. It's an investment for sure but it's one worth making as studies have found that newer mattresses can significantly improve sleep quality and even reduce aches and pains. 

Even if you clean your mattress regularly, sweat, dead skin cells and dust mites build up to frankly horrifying levels fairly quickly. To protect your new mattress to protect it against dirt, dust-mites and avoid spills and stains, make sure to invest in the best mattress protector.

Alternatively, you can squeeze some more life out of your old lumpy model by adding a quality mattress topper to your bed. Then, complete your new sleep haven with the best weighted blankets to keep you calm and cozy.

The best mattress you can buy right now

The best mattress you can buy right now the best mattress is the Nectar Original. It's absurdly comfortable, delivering the perfect balance of support and softness, and there's a well-above-average 365-night trial and a lifetime warranty. However, for the best of both worlds, we also love a hybrid, and our favorite right now is the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid. It's luxuriously thick, with a cozy, cloud-like topper, and it won't trap heat like memory foam often does. 

If neither of those take your fancy, we have plenty of other options for you to explore too. Our automatic price widgets will hunt out the lowest prices for each model so you can be sure you're not overpaying (the festive season, moving into January, often sees lots of price drops, so now's a great time to shop. If price is paramount, you should also explore our best cheap mattress deals roundup. 

What mattresses do doctors and chiropractors recommend for back pain?

While you should always consult your physician or chiropractor when it comes to finding the right mattress for your back pain, often times memory foam mattresses provide the best type of support and relief.

Memory foam mattresses come in varying degrees of softness, providing different types of support for your upper and lower back in some cases. A firmer memory foam mattress may be more ideal for some but not others, so if you're experiencing serious pain a special type of mattress may be needed.

Best mattress 2022

nectar memory foam mattress whiteT3 Award

(Image credit: Nectar Sleep)

The best mattress available in the US

Sizes: Twin - Cal king
Depth: 9.84in / 25cm
Filling: Foam/memory foam
Firmness: Medium/firm (6.5)
Trial: 365 nights
Warranty: Forever
MSRP: Twin $898; Full $1,098; Queen $1,198; King $1,398; Cal king $1,398
Reasons to buy
+Suitable for all sleeping styles+Excellent value+365 day trial period and 'Forever' warranty
Reasons to avoid
-Too firm for some-No handles

We think the Nectar Original is the best mattress in the US right now. We were blown away in our Nectar mattress review: it's supremely comfortable, wonderfully supportive and impressively cool to sleep on. It's also one of the cheapest of the big brands – and regular Nectar discount codes and deals can take the price down even further, making it stupidly good value for money. 

The Nectar offers a medium-to-firm support level that suits any type of bed and all sleep styles, although it's especially good for back sleepers. We found it on the firmer end of the memory foam spectrum, and if your tastes are for a softer mattress you might be better exploring other options below. There's a bit of give in the top layer, which neatly molds around the body, while a complex supporting base layer adds the required firmness for a peaceful sleep. The adaptive cooling cover top layer is supposed to draw heat away from the body, and while we're not sure it actually does this, it certainly feels cooler than many memory foam options.

Delivery is super convenient: even the enormous Nectar Cal King model comes packaged in a very manageable box, ready to be set up in your room of choice. But where Nectar really stands out from the competition is in its extras. 100-night trials are pretty common among the established challenger mattress brands, but Nectar goes the extra mile with not only a 365-night trial, giving you a whole year to make your mind up, but also a lifetime warranty for your new mattress. Nectar's also a climate-neutral company that offsets its emissions through various global schemes, including an Amazon forest protection program.

casper original mattress whiteT3 Award

(Image credit: Casper)

2. Casper Original

The best mattress for zoned support

Sizes: Twin - Cal King
Depth: 11"
Filling: 'Airscape' foam; memory foam (hybrid option available)
Firmness: 7 (medium-firm)
Trial: 100 nights
Warranty: 10 year limited warranty
MSRP: Twin $595; Full $995; Queen $1,095; King $1,295; Cal king $1,295
Reasons to buy
+Extra support around hips and spine+Bouncier 'Airscape' foam top layer+Great for back sleepers

The Casper Original is the mattress that changed everything. It's Casper's first mattress, and it absolutely stormed the bed-in-a-box market when it launched back in 2014. Six years later and it still stands out in our best mattress list, for two main reasons. 

First up is its zoned support system: there's a band of extra firmness across its center, while the head and foot areas are slightly softer. The thinking behind this is that it gives you extra support on the hips and spine, and pressure relief around the shoulders (especially useful when you're lying on your side). For this reason, we think the Casper original is one of the best mattresses around for back sleepers.

Secondly, there's Casper's proprietary 'Airscape' top layer, which is bouncier and more responsive than your average memory foam. It minimizes that 'sinking' feeling you tend to get from thicker memory foam, and makes it easier to move around on. It's also perforated to promote airflow and prevent overheating. And if there's still not enough bounce for you, this mattress is also available as a hybrid with an extra layer of springs. One final nice touch is the mattress cover, which is made from recycled bottles.

As with most of the choices in our best mattress ranking, you'll likely be able to find an offer that'll reduce the price – take a look at our Casper discount codes and deals page to discover the best offers. And to see how it compares to our number one mattress, check out our Casper vs Nectar mattress face-off.

saatva classic mattress whiteT3 Award

(Image credit: Saatva)

The best premium mattress

Sizes: Twin - Cal King
Depth: 11.5" / 14.5"
Filling: Pillow top, springs
Firmness: 3 / 5-7 / 8
Trial: 180 nights
Warranty: 15 years
MSRP: For 11.5": Twin $799; Full $1,299; Queen $1,399; King $1,799; Cal king $1,799
Reasons to buy
+Pick your firmness and depth+Extra support around the lumbar+Eco-friendly, sustainable credentials
Reasons to avoid
-Some motion transfer

Looking for an innerspring mattress? You almost certainly want the Saatva Classic. It's made using two layers of recycled steel springs: an upper layer of small, individually-wrapped coils that contour to your body, on a base of more heavyweight springs that provide a strong and stable foundation.

In our Saatva mattress review, we were impressed by the plush organic cotton pillow top, plenty of edge support to stop you from rolling off in the night, and an extra zone of memory foam in the center to give your lower back some extra support.

If you find memory foam mattresses a bit too hot to sleep on, an innerspring mattress makes an excellent alternative because its springs don't trap heat like a thick slab of foam does. They also give you a more responsive sleep surface that has more traditional mattress bounce and is easy to move around on. While you may notice more motion transfer because of this, the smaller top layer of springs is designed to minimize it.

Saatva also lets you pick your depth and firmness, depending on your personal preference, which is a nice touch. Keep an eye out for a Saatva promo code or deal for savings on your purchase. 

allswell mattress whiteT3 Award

(Image credit: Allswell)

4. The Allswell

The best budget mattress

Sizes: Twin - Cal King
Depth: 10"
Filling: Coils, memory foam
Firmness: Medium-firm (4.5-6.5)
Trial: 100 nights
Warranty: 10 years
MSRP: Twin $265; Full $345; Queen $375; King $465; Cal king $465
Reasons to buy
+Very, very cheap+Luxurious feel+Good trial period and warranty

If a low price is your priority then look no further than Allswell, a bargain mattress that offers incredible value for money. Its Cal King mattress will cost you under $500, and while you might quite reasonably be put off by a price that low, it's actually a very good basic mattress with a bunch of positive reviews to prove it, and much attention given to its luxurious feel.

This a hybrid mattress, with a layer of individually-wrapped coils topped with a layer of charcoal and copper-infused memory foam, and a quilted top layer on top of that, and there's edge support on the sides (but, it's worth pointing out, not at the ends). It comes in around the middle of the firmness scale, and if you're intrigued by this combo of decent features and a low price there's an industry-standard 100-night trial period and 10-year limited warranty. 

Want to know more? Head to our article on 'Is the Allswell mattress any good?' or see how it compares to our other top budget pick in our Allswell vs Tuft & Needle mattress showdown. 

eight sleep pod pro black

(Image credit: Eight Sleep)

App controlled and water-cooled mattress

Sizes: Full - Cal King
Depth: 12"
Filling: Five-layer premium foam mattress
Firmness: Medium-firm
Trial: 100 nights
Warranty: 10 years
MSRP: Full $2795; Queen $3095; King $3495; Cal king $3495
Reasons to buy
+Water-cooled topper+App-controlled zonal temperature+Sleep data reports
Reasons to avoid
-Setup is more involved than a standard mattress-Edge support could be better

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro is a truly unique mattress. While the five-layer premium foam base is comfy, its secret weapon is the comfort-blend topper that contains multiple sensors to monitor your sleep and tiny pipes to carry water across the surface to heat and cool the bed as needed. 

All this means that each side of the bed can be set to the exact temperature you require, from 55 degrees up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit (12.7 to 43.3 degrees Celsius), and have it warm up or cool down during your sleep cycle. The accompanying app not only controls the temperature but also gives you a full sleep report each day, including your sleeping heart rate, sleep stages and time slept. 

The temperature control and data help you to achieve the perfect night's sleep. The intelligent topper can also be bought separately and put on your choice of mattress, though the model included in the full set is designed to offer the best temperature performance possible. 

Read our feature on sleeping on the Eight Sleep Pod Pro

dreamcloud luxury hybrid mattress whiteT3 Award

(Image credit: DreamCloud)

The best hybrid mattress you can get

Sizes: Twin - Cal King
Depth: 14"
Filling: Foam, coils
Firmness: Medium-firm (6.5)
Trial: 365 nights
Warranty: Forever
MSRP: Twin $799; Full $999; Queen $1,099; King $1,299; Cal king $1,299
Reasons to buy
+Cosy, cloud-like sleep surface+Won't trap heat+Forever warranty and 365-night trial+Luxuriously thick
Reasons to avoid
-Some motion transfer-Customer service maybe not the best

DreamCloud's Luxury Hybrid mattress promises a perfect night's sleep, and in our DreamCloud review we found it lived up to its lofty claim. It features five meticulously engineered layers, starting with a 'Tight Top' quilted foam and cashmere cover, followed by a layer of gel memory foam and a layer of support foam. Next come the springs, providing some bounce and allowing air to flow through the mattress, ensuring it doesn't trap heat. Finally, there's a foam base.

Unlike most of the other mattresses on this list, the DreamCloud isn't zoned as such; it's classed as medium-firm all over. However, DreamCloud says its springs are more flexible than regular springs, and along with the memory foam layers, they help the mattress contour to your body as well as providing support and pressure relief where needed. If we had to pick a hole, there is some motion transfer compared to memory foam-only mattresses, and the design lacks slightly in edge support, but we found it completely dreamy overall. It provides just the right balance of support, bounce and firmness, with plenty of comfort thanks to the luxurious top layer.

The extras for this mattress are outstanding, too. You get a Forever Warranty (the only one in our list) and a 365-night trial, which matches the best on the market. Reviews online are extremely positive – and those that aren't, focus on delivery and customer service issues, rather than problems with the mattress itself. 

This mattress has a luxury look and is deeper than many others at 14 inches, but the price, even at MSRP, is very reasonable – and a DreamCloud coupon or promo code can knock that price down even further.

layla hybrid mattress grayT3 Award

(Image credit: Layla Sleep)

A choice of firmness levels with a simple flip

Sizes: Twin - Cal King
Depth: 13"
Filling: Foam, coils
Firmness: Medium-soft (4) and medium-firm (7)
Trial: 120 nights
Warranty: 10-year
MSRP: Twin $1099; Twin XL $1199, Full $1399; Queen $1,499; King $1,699; Cal king $1,699
Reasons to buy
+The firm side is supportive but comfortable+The soft side still manages to provide ample spinal support+Little to no motion transfer
Reasons to avoid
-The two sides offer only moderate changes in firmness-Heavy

The Layla Hybrid mattress gives you the option to adjust the firmness of your mattress at anytime – just by flipping the mattress over. On one side, the medium soft memory foam feels like a warm hug, while on the other, the medium-firm option gives a little more support but is still supportive enough for side sleepers. There are springs here too, giving a little extra structure and ensuring edge support and reducing motion transfer. 

While the firmness level might not be miles apart, they do provide users with a choice, along with the ability to change their mind. Thanks to the side handles, flipping the mattress is an easy two-person job, despite the slightly weightier build. 

The Layla Hybrid mattress comes with a 120-day trial period, with no additional costs to send it back, and a 10-year warrantee. They will also deliver it straight to your door in four to five days, so you won't need to move it far. 

Currently, you can get $200 off the price of the Layla Hybrid and two free pillows when you buy online from its website. 

zoma hybrid mattress grayT3 Award

(Image credit: Zoma)

Best mattress for athletes

Sizes: Queen - Split King
Depth: 12"
Filling: Memory foam, coils
Firmness: Medium
Trial: 100 nights
Warranty: 10 years
MSRP: Twin $849; Full $1,049; Queen $1,149; King $1,249; Cal king $1,249
Reasons to buy
+Three-zone support+Breathable and cooling+Environmentally-friendly foam
Reasons to avoid
-Cover is a little thin

A mattress for athletes? Why not. And even if you're not an athlete but still live an active or physically demanding life, the Zoma hybrid could well be the mattress for you. Designed with athletes in mind it features targeted support thanks to its Triangulex gel memory foam, with three different zones providing pressure relief where it's needed.

Backing this up is a responsive 'Rectiv' top layer that contours to your body without restricting movement or giving you that memory foam sinking feeling, plus a sturdy base with edge support and a layer of springs for added bounce. (If you're not too bothered about bounce, though, this model is also available as foam-only). 

To keep you from getting too hot at night, the gel memory foam contains cooling channels and is designed to be much more breathable than traditional foams, and the stretchy cover is ventilated, although we did find it felt a little thin. 

Check out our Zoma Hybrid mattress review for the full scoop on what we thought – in summary, we were extremely impressed with this mattress. We found it extremely comfortable and supportive, with our testers sleeping more soundly than usual and noticing a significant decrease in their usual aches and pains after switching over.

Winkbed Luxury Firm Hybrid Mattress whiteT3 Award

(Image credit: Winkbed)

A hybrid solution with firmness that still works for side sleepers

Sizes: Twin - Cal King
Depth: 13.5"
Filling: Foam, coils
Firmness: Luxury firm (6.5)
Trial: 120 nights
Warranty: Lifetime
MSRP: Twin $749; Twin XL $849, Full $999; Queen $1,299; King $1,499; Cal king $1,549
Reasons to buy
+Luxurious fabric cover and pillow top+Extremely supportive+Made of eco-friendly, American-sourced materials+Excellent edge support
Reasons to avoid
-Only 120-night risk-free trial-Motion isolation could be better-No side handles

Thanks to its top supporting later, The WinkBed (Luxury Firm) achieves a softness that lets you sink in. Meanwhile, it retains its support and avoids motion transfer thanks to the lower coils. The result is a bed that suits a wider range of sleepers, no matter their weight or sleeping style. 

It comes with a 120-day return policy and a lifetime warranty for complete peace of mind. If you want a luxury feel to your mattress without feeling like the bed is about to swallow you up, The WinkBed is a great option. 

Read more in our full WinkBed (Luxury Firm) review

avocado latex mattress whiteT3 Award

(Image credit: Avocado)

A great eco-friendly, all foam, choice

Sizes: Twin - Cal Split King
Depth: 9"
Filling: Latex Foam
Firmness: Firm
Trial: 1 year
Warranty: 25 years
MSRP: Twin $1199; Twin XL $1299, Full $1499; Queen $1799; King $2399; Cal king $2399, Cal Split King $2598
Reasons to buy
+Free of harmful chemicals and materials+Sustainably sourced and eco-friendly+Great support for back and stomach sleepers
Reasons to avoid
-May be too firm for side sleepers-Too heavy for one person to handle easily-Some motion transfer

Avocado's all foam latex mattress is a great option for the eco-conscious. Not only does the firm produce environmentally friendly products, but it contributes to sustainability and offsets what low carbon emissions it does have. The firm is actually carbon negative. 

This biodegradable, toxic-free mattress will cost you a little more than most but the benefits are clear. From its cotton cover to its three layers of tree-tapped latex the craftsmanship is clear. It is on the firmer side, rating 7.5 out of 10 on the scale, so will suit front and back sleepers better. There's plenty of edge support, despite being a relatively thin 9 inches in depth, but there is also some motion transfer. 

There is a full 365-day trial period  and a 25-year limited warrantee, should anything go wrong.  If ethical sourcing matters to you and you like your mattresses on the firmer side, this is for you. 

purple mattress whiteT3 Award

(Image credit: Purple)

11. Purple Original mattress

A super popular, innovative mattress brand

Sizes: Twin - Split King
Depth: 9.25"
Filling: Hyper-elastic polymer grid, polyurethane foam
Firmness: 'Universal Firmness'
Trial: 100 nights
Warranty: 10 years
MSRP: Twin $599; Full $999; Queen $1149; King $1449; Cal king $1449
Reasons to buy
+Sleeps cool (unlike memory foam)+Long-lasting +Responds to the body instantly
Reasons to avoid
-Only one firmness option

Purple erupted into the mattress marked in 2016 and since then, it's been a major player with a great USP. Instead of springs or memory foam, Purple uses a patented 'Purple Grid' – a hyper-elastic polymer grid – for its top layer. It's designed to flex under your body, giving you similar support to memory foam, but with the ability to respond to your movements as well as the bonus of not trapping heat. It's durable, hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

The Purple Original consists of a soft knitted cover on top of a 2-inch Purple Grid, and it's finished off with two layers of breathable comfort foam. Purple doesn't provide firmness ratings; rather it says that its mattresses are 'Universal Firmness' as the grid is designed to adapt to your body and provide just the level of support and softness that you need. For more info, head to our article on is Purple mattress any good? Or to pick up a bargain, be sure to check out our Purple mattress promo codes and coupons roundup.

leesa hybrid mattress whiteT3 Award

(Image credit: Leesa)

12. Leesa Hybrid

An excellent ethical choice

Sizes: Twin-Cal King
Depth: 11"
Filling: Foam, pocket springs
Firmness: Medium/Firm (5-7)
Trial: 100 nights
Warranty: 10 years
MSRP: Twin $999; Full $1399; Queen $1699; King $1899; Cal king $1899
Reasons to buy
+Hole-punched layer to prevent overheating+Great balance of bounce and support+Strong environmental and social credentials
Reasons to avoid
-Some motion transfer-Only one firmness option

Sitting in the middle of the Leesa mattress range is the award-winning Leesa Hybrid. This excellent hybrid includes layers of premium foam with pocket springs to deliver comfort and advanced support. Leesa has come up with an innovative way to stop its memory foam from overheating: it has added a hole punched 'comfort layer' to allow heat to dissipate, while the foam beneath still hugs the sleeper's body and relieves pressure around the hips and shoulders. Beneath this, 1,000+ active response pocket springs provide stability, stability and bounce. All of this is wrapped in Leesa's signature gray-striped soft, breathable cover.

If shopping ethically is important to you, Leesa has some impressive credentials: it's B Corp certified, which means the company meets the highest environmental and social standards. For every 10 Leesa mattresses sold, one is donated to a child in need. Looking for a discount? Head to our Leesa discount codes and deals guide to browse the best savings.

tuft & needle original mattress whiteT3 Award

(Image credit: Tuft & Needle)

13. Tuft & Needle Original

Another great budget mattress

Sizes: Twin - Cal King
Depth: 10"
Filling: Foam
Firmness: Medium-firm
Trial: 100 nights
Warranty: 10 years
MSRP: Twin $350; Full $495; Queen $595; King $750; Cal king $750
Reasons to buy
+Great value+Does what it says on the label
Reasons to avoid
-No bells and whistles-Not great for heavier people

If you're on a tight budget and just need a mattress that covers the basics, the Tuft & Needle Original should do the job nicely. It features a simple but effective design with two layers of open-cell foam with added graphite and cooling gel to wick away heat and moisture, giving you a good night's sleep at an attractive price.

The T&N Original is rated as medium-firm, with a design that balances pressure relief and support regardless of your sleeping position. Reviews praise it for responding instantly to the body, absorbing motion effectively and bouncing back into shape when you move, unlike memory foam.

It's very much a budget mattress, which means you won't find any of the advanced features you'll find elsewhere on this list, but it great for the price even if it has a few drawbacks: it can trap heat, and the edge support could weaken over time. It's received plenty of great reviews, though, and offers the industry-standard trial period and warranty so can buy with confidence.

In short, if you're looking for a good, cheap and basic mattress to suit a wide range of preferences and sleeping styles, this is probably it. The only people we wouldn't recommend it for are customers that weigh over 250lbs since they might need something more supportive. 

avocado green mattress whiteT3 Award

(Image credit: Avocado Green)

14. Avocado Green mattress

The best eco-friendly, natural mattress

Sizes: Twin - Cal King
Depth: 11"
Filling: Organic certified latex, wool and coils
Firmness: Firmer (7-8)
Trial: 1 year
Warranty: 25 years
MSRP: Twin $899; Full $1,199; Queen $1,399; King $1,799; Cal king $1,799
Reasons to buy
+All certified organic and natural materials+Especially good for side and stomach sleepers+Optional pillow top+Generous guarantee and trial period
Reasons to avoid
-Might be too firm for some

Looking for a mattress with solid ecological credentials? Check out the Avocado Green mattress: all its materials are certified organic, and every mattress is GREENGUARD Gold Certified for low emissions.

The Avocado Green meets federal safety standards by using 100% GOTS organic certified wool instead of the usual chemical fire retardants. It uses no chemical treatments and it comes from Avocado's own Himalayan herding collective. But if you draw the line at wool, there's even a PETA-approved wool-free vegan version. And to complete the ecological experience, Avocado is carbon negative, offsetting more carbon than it generates.

None of this means that it compromises on mattress comfort, though. The Avocado Green features a latex comfort layer on top of 1,414 tempered steel coils, with another layer of latex underneath. There's a reinforced steel perimeter to give you plenty of edge support, and also five support zones to give you extra firmness where it's needed.

This mattress is on the firmer end of the scale – though you can customize it by adding an optional pillow-top, or a plush or firm mattress topper made from organic latex. Note that you will probably have to pay a little more to go green – this mattress is at the higher end of the market. For more info, head to our article: Are Avocado Green mattresses any good?

IKEA morgedal mattress whiteT3 Award

(Image credit: Ikea)

15. IKEA Morgedal

Incredibly cheap but not actually at all bad

Best for: Small budgets
Sizes: Single - king
Depth: 7 1/8 "
Turn: Yes
Filling: memory foam
Comfort: medium
Trial: 90 nights
Guarantee: 25 years
RRP: Twin: $179, Full: $229, Queen: $249, King: $349
Reasons to buy
Reasons to avoid
-It's basic-Quite thin

Ikea has a bit of a reputation for its weird-sized beds, but don't let that put you off looking at its mattresses; in addition to European sizes, the Ikea Morgedal memory foam mattress comes in US twin, queen and king size too. It’s a thick foam mattress in polyester wrapping, and it’s best suited to a slatted bed base or mattress base. Don’t jump on it straight away: it’s delivered rolled up and needs three to four days to return to suitable flatness. 

In true Ikea style there's nothing particularly cutting-edge about the Morgedal. It's basically a fat chunk of foam that's comfortable and fairly immune to the movements of your partner. The foam can get a little damp if you tend to sweat a lot; if you do, a thick mattress protector is a good idea. There's a 90-day trial period, and has some strong plus points, despite its distinct lack of bells, whistles and 'challenger brand' credentials. If you're on a really tight budget or need something to put in the spare room, this is the cheapest mattress you'll find. 

Image 1 of 4

best mattress: Emma Original

(Image credit: Emma)
Image 1 of 4

best mattress: Emma Original

(Image credit: Emma)

The best mattress you can buy right now

Best for: All sleepers
Sizes: UK, 5 (single-super king); EU, 3 (single-king); US, 6 (twin-king)
Depth: 25cm
Turn: No
Filling: Memory foam
Comfort: Medium-firm
Trial: 200 nights
Guarantee: 10 years
RRP: Twin: $799.99, Twin XL: $899.99, Full: $1,099.99, Queen: $1,299.99, Cali King: $1,449.99, King: $1,449.99
Reasons to buy
+Exceptionally comfy and loads of awards+Incredible value+Suitable for lots of sleeping styles+Removable and machine washable cover
Reasons to avoid
-Only one firmness option

For our money, the Emma Original mattress is the best mattress right now. Comfortable, versatile, supportive in all the right places and amazing value, it earned a full five stars in our Emma mattress review. It's also the proud owner of T3's Best Mattress award in both 2019 and 2020. 

The design of this medium-firm mattress is simple but effective (it's also at the top of our best memory foam mattress ranking). It consists of three layers of different foams: Airgocell foam on top (to mould gently to your body without trapping heat), visco-elastic memory foam in the middle (for pressure relief and support), and a firm HRX foam foundation. The cover features a temperature-regulating top and a breathable non-slip bottom as well as handles for rotating (you don't have to flip it), and it's removable and machine-washable, too.

Thanks to a 2019 price drop, this mattress is now one one of the cheapest of the big-name brands, and what's more, if you keep your eyes peeled, there are regular Emma discount codes and deals to bring the price even lower. In short, you're looking at outrageous value for money here. 

Like many of the mattresses in this guide, the Emma Original vacuum packed, rolled, and delivered in a conveniently sized box, ready to be unfurled. Expansion takes around two hours. If you're worried about buying a mattress you haven't tried, there's a 100-day, love-it-or-return-it trial for peace of mind, plus a healthy 10-year guarantee. This brand scores reassuringly well on customer service, too: it currently boasts an excellent 4.6 out of 5 stars from over 15,000 reviews on consumer review site Trustpilot.

Buying Advice

What is the best type of mattress to buy?

There are a few different mattress types on the market right now. When you start your search for the best mattress, you'll come across several types of mattresses. While the difference among them isn't massive, it's still helpful to understand what each one means before you hit that buy button. The three main mattress types you're going to come across are memory foam, sprung or hybrid. 

Memory foam

This type of mattress has exploded in popularity over recent years. Memory foam is a responsive material that reacts to your temperature and weight to mold gently around your body when you're laying down. Memory foam mattresses offer great support and comfort, and are probably the most popular mattress type right now, with most of the big brands offering their own takes on this material. 

One potential downside is that memory foam traps body heat more than spring mattresses. So, you'll have a warm cozy bed in the winter, you may find yourself getting a little warmer than usual in the summer. This may pose a problem if you sleep hot. Many brands have introduced cooling top layers to counteract this. You can read more in our memory foam mattress buying guide.


An innerspring mattress is a more traditional type of mattress. These mattresses use a steel coil system for support and have several different subtypes – from ones with springs that are connected and work as a single unit to those with springs inside their own fabric pockets (sometimes referred to as a pocket sprung mattress). 

They can adapt to your body shape – the greater the number of coils, the better they can contour to your body. However, they're not as supportive as memory foam and may provide less movement isolation, which is a problem if you have a restless bedmate. On the upside, they do offer a bouncier surface to sleep on, which means that you won't sink into an innerspring mattress the same way you would on a memory foam one.


The term 'hybrid' could technically refer to any mattress that's made up of different materials, but it typically means a mattress that combines layers of pocket springs and memory foam. This makeup offers more bounce than memory foam-only mattresses, but with the added support and comfort of a memory foam upper.

There are a few more terms you might come across in your search. These mattress types are more uncommon, but still worth knowing about.

  • Latex: A breathable, springy material that's exceptionally durable and resilient. Can be expensive. 
  • Continuous and coil: Made from a single looped wire, or from single springs fixed with one wire. These are cheaper, but less likely to give a good night’s sleep.
  • Bed in a box: A delivery method in which mattresses are compressed, rolled or folded into a box for easy home delivery. They're usually foam or a memory foam and spring combination.

One last bit of advice before you start shopping: don't put too much emphasis on the mattress type. Personal factors like your height, weight, body shape, sleeping style and temperature are far more likely to affect how comfortable you find a specific mattress. All our picks in our best mattress guide above have been designed to deliver outstanding support and comfort for the majority of people – regardless of their material. 

How to choose the best mattress for you

Before buying a mattress, the first big decision is between springs and memory foam – there are pros and cons of each. Next up, make sure it’s the right size. For a full explainer, including the differences between US, UK and EU naming, head to our mattress size guide. A good rule of thumb is that your mattress – like your bed – should be about 4 inches longer than the tallest person sleeping in it. It should also be wide enough for you and a partner to put your hands under your head without your elbows touching (or without touching the edge of the mattress, if you’re not sharing).

Also consider how firm the mattress is. Do the hand test: lying down on your back, push your hand under the lower part of your back. If you can’t, the mattress is too soft; if the gap is too big, it’s too hard. If you have a partner, make sure they try it at the same time: what feels fine on your own may feel like a bouncy castle with someone else on board. Bigger bodies may need something specialist – pick from our guide to the best mattress for heavy people.

It's also worth checking whether a mattress needs turning. Many don't these days, but if you’re considering one that does, make sure it has handles. 

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