Xbox Series X tracker: where to buy the new Xbox console in the US

T3's own Xbox Series X restock tracker provides regular updates on where to buy Microsoft's next-gen console

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Hard to believe it's been more than a year since Microsoft launched the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S console. Since then the console has seen stellar releases from Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 to Psychonauts 2 and The Artful Escape. This isn't even taking into account the quality third-party and indie titles available to play.

Of course, actually getting your hands on the consoles is another matter altogether. While the all-digital Xbox Series S is a reasonably straightforward purchase from most retailers, the Xbox Series X has proven troublesome time and time again for consumers. With chip shortages and manufacturer issues expected to continue well into 2022, T3 thought it better step in to help consumers hunt down the console and start playing the latest, greatest games as soon as possible. 

The official T3 Xbox Series X tracker is frequently updated to bring you the latest information to secure the new next-gen console. Naturally, there are a few more steps you can take ahead of time to best prepare for any unexpected restocks – such as having your details saved across major retailers, utilizing social media and opting for bundles when available – but check back regularly here to find out the latest stock information. 

Where to buy Xbox Series X in the US

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Amazon US (opens in new tab)
Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S (opens in new tab) supplied have run dry at Amazon US for now but more is sure to come. Amazon also has a great range of Xbox Series X games and accessories, too.

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Walmart (opens in new tab)
Walmart had a big Xbox Series X just before Black Friday, but stock has been limited since. Joining the Walmart+ subscription is your best chance of getting your hands on a console here. It's also participating in the Xbox All Access program (opens in new tab) so if you want to grab a new console with no upfront cost, Walmart's one to watch.

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Best Buy (opens in new tab)
Best Buy is one of the most talked-of retailers in terms of  Xbox Series X stock drops. It releases stock in waves and sells out fast, so prep an account to get through checkout as quickly as possible ahead of the next one.

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GameStop (opens in new tab)
GameStop has been a great place to check for new consoles, although its Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S restocks are limited in quantity. To maximize your chances of getting one, we advise making an account and joining its PowerUp Pro membership (just $15). 

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Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)
While the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S (opens in new tab) are Microsoft's babies, visiting the store right now and trying to buy one will direct you to retail partner websites where you can pick up the consoles. You can actually buy the consoles on the Microsoft Store app for Xbox One, so try that too! In the meantime, bookmark the website, and keep checking in.

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Target (opens in new tab)
Target joined a couple of other US retailers that saw the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S (opens in new tab) back in stock over Black Friday. The ever-popular Xbox All-Access bundle popped up here too, and is great value for money in terms of having a massive library of games available straight off the bat. 

Where to buy Xbox Series X games and accessories

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