Public security, policing and emergency services

Development of a software tool to assess the damage caused by an improvised explosive device, initiative funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Germany).
Administration and management on behalf of SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation) of two Thematic Funds focussed on public security issues (police, justice migration) in the framework of the Swiss-Bulgarian and the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation programmes.
Evaluation of the Integrated Border Management (IBM) strategy and action plan in Switzerland.
Evaluation of the Swiss police basic education concept.
Harmonisation concept for the police IT systems in Switzerland.
Cost-benefit analysis in public security.
Fire brigades audit and reform (both professional and voluntary corps).
Audit and reform of municipal, regional, and national police services in Switzerland and across Europe).
Benchmarking of policing principles and practices between European capital cities (on behalf of the Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Madrid & Paris police services).
Local security diagnostics.
Feasibility studies and needs’ assessments: for the coordination or amalgamation of police services; set-up of new public security projects; set-up of training products or institutions, etc.
Audit and reform of control rooms (police, ambulances, fire…).
Audit and reform of migration processes and authorities.
Elaboration of the mobility and security concept for the official visit of the pope to Freiburg, Germany.
Management and advisory services in international cooperation projects in the fields of policing, emergency, and public security (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, China, Georgia, Hungary, Kirghizstan, Montenegro, Mozambique, Serbia) on behalf, depending on the projects, of the SDC, the OSCE, the EU, The UN.

Justice and penitentiary systems

IT harmonisation.
Audit and reform of judiciary systems, including the public prosecution.
Audit and reform of penitentiary systems.
Cooperation systems between the police and the judiciary.
Human rights in the penitentiary.
Management and advisory services in international cooperation projects in the fields of justice and penitentiary reforms.
Analysis and projects in the field of corruption mitigation and control.

Public Transportation

Consulting of public transportation authorities.
Definition and support of digital transformation.
Evaluation of future PT networks.
Public security in PT.
Development of rail freight strategies and visions.

Prevention and social work

Evaluation and management of projects in the fields of
– juvenile justice prevention
– mediation (social mediation, penal mediation, etc)
– social work
– extrajudiciary measures for juveniles
– domestic violence
Development and advice for projects aimed at the integration of migrants.

Religious institutions and NGOs

Feasibility study on the harmonisation of services offered by protestant churches in Switzerland.
Audit and reform of religious institutions.
Surveys on public-church relations.
Feasibility study on an academic training course on international relations and religion.
Strategy development for inter-confessional dialogue processes.

Private companies

Strategic advisory.
Business development.
Succession planning.
Family offices.
Project management.
Portfolio management.
Change management.