Best face masks 2020: where to buy a face mask for enhanced comfort, clearer glasses, playing sports, and more

These are the best face masks around right now, whatever you need them for

Man wearing face mask
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The best face masks are something we should all be thinking about right now, as our old ones start to wear out or get mislaid, giving us the opportunity to buy new ones that are more comfortable, more hygienic and longer lasting. Particularly in this week, when the UK took a big step towards a possible second national lockdown.

Just a couple of months ago, it seemed like we might look forward to a gradual easing of restrictions over time. But this week, that all went into reverse, as the government introduced a new system of tiered regional lockdowns in England, with household mixing outlawed in Tier 3 areas, and pubs and bars forced to close. And even in the less affected Tier 1 areas, masks continue to be mandatory in numerous places, while this week compulsory mask wearing in Scottish shops and cafes was extended to workplace canteens and communal areas.

In short, it seems increasingly likely we'll be wearing face masks right up to Christmas, the New Year and beyond. So buying the cheapest face masks you can, which tend to be more uncomfortable and less long-lasting than quality ones, would seem like a false economy right now. Instead, it's a great time to pay a little more and start enjoying the best face masks you can get.

Take a look below, and you'll find our comprehensive roundup of the best face masks you can buy today. These include face masks for adults and ones for kids; face masks for the fashion-conscious, and for people who wear glasses; face masks for lip readers and even ones for playing sports in. Whatever kind of face mask you're interested in, you're sure to find something to meet your needs.

Finally, once you've read this article, we'd encourage you to bookmark it too, because we’ll be updating this page regularly as new face masks come on to the market, making it a handy resource for you over time.

Where to buy best face masks in the UK

Not in the UK? Jump straight to the best face masks in the US.

best face mask: Under Armour

(Image credit: Under Armour)

Under Armour Sportsmask

The best face mask for sport

Sizes: XS/S, S/M, M/L, L/XL, XL/XXL
Nose wire: Yes
Filter: No

Hunting for the best face mask for sport right now is tricky. Brands have struggled to engineer masks that are both super breathable and moisture-wicking, so you don't end up in an even sweatier mess than usual. We think the best option right now is the Under Armour Sportsmask; billed as a reusable, water-resistant performance face mask for sport. While exercising in a mask is never going to be pleasant, this face covering is engineered to sit away from your face, to offer a bit of breathing room. Check out our Under Armour SPORTSMASK review for more details. Note: many reviewers found it came up small, so we'd recommend sizing up when you order.

Too expensive? We think these Reebok face masks (3 for £14.95) are a good cheap option. It's soft, breathable, and comes very well reviewed. For even more options, head to our ranking of the best running face masks.

best cheap face mask: ASOS face mask

(Image credit: ASOS )


The best cheap face masks

Sizes: O/S (adult)
Nose wire: Yes
Filter: No

The best cheap face mask available right now comes from ASOS. While there are even-lower priced options around, it you want half-decent quality, ASOS is your best bet. There are a lots of different fits, patterns and colourways available (browse the full range here), but our pick is this multipack of double-layered 100% cotton face masks, which will set you up for a full work week. For just £3.20 each, you're getting elasticated straps with adjustable toggles and a nose clip for a snug fit. ASOS is donating £1 from each sale to Oxfam's Coronavirus Emergency Response Fund, too. 

best face mask: Falke

(Image credit: Falke)

Falke face mask

The comfiest face mask

Sizes: O/S (adult)
Nose wire: No
Filter: No

These face masks from Falke are made from fast-drying, round-knitted material for a soft, comfy feel – the outside is moisture-repellent, while the inside is fleece. There are a range of sizes to choose from, with a detailed fit chart so you can make sure you pick the right one for your face. We're big fans of the cool, sporty style, too – available in yellow, red, green, purple and orange. We've tried these out and found them super-soft, although the fit in real life isn't quite as smooth as the press shots (sorry).

best face mask: Gap multipack

(Image credit: Gap)

Gap family face masks multipack

The best face masks for the whole family

Sizes: Adult & child
Nose wire: Yes
Filter: No

Kit the whole clan out in one fell swoop at Gap, where you can pick up this multipack of 4 kids' and 4 adults' face masks for under £35. These masks are made with triple-layered lightweight cotton, and there are four different ranges of prints to choose from (so you don't all need to match if you don't want to). They feature a filter pocket, adjustable nose piece and a contoured design to fit around the face.

most stylish face mask: Wolford face mask

(Image credit: Wolford)

Wolford face mask

The most stylish face mask

Sizes: O/S (adult)
Nose wire: Yes
Filter: No

Tights brand Wolford has knocked it out of the park in the style stakes with this understated face mask. This simple black design with subtle embossed logo has a high-quality, expensive look. It's not style over substance, either – as well as a sleek design, this mask boasts comfortable, machine-washable, double-layer fabric, an adjustable nose wire, face-contoured design and soft ear straps. 

best kids face mask: Wild Things

(Image credit: Wild Things)

Wild Things kids' face masks

The best kids' face mask

Sizes: Kids' small (3-10 yrs) and large (10 yrs +)
Nose wire: No
Filter: No

We're slightly obsessed by these animal-design face masks from Wild Things, via NOTHS. There are 6 designs: Rainbow Lion, shark, cat, bunny, tiger and dog, with optional matching head bands (with ears!) available. They're made from 100% cotton with cotton poplin lining, and are suitable for children aged 3 and over, with two different sizes available. For more options, check out our guide to the best kids' face masks.

best face mask: Reiss face mask

(Image credit: Reiss)

Reiss face mask

The best face mask for glasses wearers

Sizes: O/S (adult)
Nose wire: Yes
Filter: No (4-layered design)

While an adjustable nose piece will help stop your glasses fogging up, for an even closer fit around the face, try this face mask from Reiss: our pick of the best face mask for glasses wearers. It has a wire sewn along the top edge, so you can shape it to your exact facial contours. Excellent for stopping air escaping and fogging your specs up (read about how we tried all the different ways to stop your glasses fogging up with a face mask). This face mask is a four-layer design, constructed from a lightweight, breathable silk-blend fabric (one slight frustration is that Reiss recommends handwashing only). Profits from the sale of each mask will be donated to NHS Charities Together.

best face mask: Casetify reusable cloth mask

(Image credit: Casetify)

Casetify reusable cloth mask

Best multi-layer face mask with a filter

Sizes: O/S (adult)
Nose wire: No
Filter: Yes (2 included)

Casetify is known for its phone cases, but like many companies has cultivated a sideline in face masks. These masks are composed of five layers, plus space for a filter (two are included), to effectively filter particles. The company also has a commendable buy-one-donate-one system, which means for every mask you buy, one will be donated to a health worker in need. Buy just one, or go for a multipack to see you through the full week. Choose from four colour options.

Gisy pure silk face masks

(Image credit: Gisy)

Gisy pure silk face masks

The best face mask for sensitive skin

Sizes: M/L
Nose wire: No
Filter: No

These stylish face masks are made from 100% silk. They're super lightweight (silk is on average 6 times lighter than cotton), very breathable, and great if you have very sensitive skin – these could be just the thing to help you dodge that unwanted breakout of 'maskne'. The design is double-layered, and curved for a close fit around your nose and chin. There's a few colour ranges to choose, from: view the full selection here. While they're a bit more expensive than other styles, the price-per-mask isn't bad when you break it down.

Prezzybox face mask

(Image credit: Prezzybox)

Prezzybox face mask

The best patterned face masks

Sizes: O/S (adult); Kids
Nose wire: No
Filter: 2 included

If you're looking for a fun print but don't want to compromise on quality, head to Prezzybox. This brand has absolutely loads of different and unusual fabric prints to choose from: browse colourful prints, animal prints, and nature prints. These masks are double-layer (polyester outer and cotton inner), and come with adjustable straps and two filters included. Prezzybox also has a whole range of face mask designs available to personalise for no extra cost – go for your initials to help distinguish your mask from other household members', get the name of your business, or opt for a motivational slogan. 

best face mask: TylermadeCo face mask

(Image credit: TylermadeCo)

TylermadeCo face mask with clear window

The best face mask for lip reading

Sizes: O/S (adult)
Nose wire: Yes
Filter: No

This face mask from TylermadeCo on Etsy has a clear window built in so your mouth remains visible, making it a great choice if you're coming into contact with anyone who relies on lip reading. Or if you haven't yet perfected your smize. It's made from double-layer cotton with a nose wire and delivered from within the UK. While no face mask with a window is perfect, and a little fogging seems inevitable, this one is extremely well reviewed. You can also pick from a wide range of fabric options.

The best disposable face masks | £19.99 for 50 at Amazon
For disposable masks, head to Amazon. This bulk-pack is reasonably priced and well reviewed. The 3-ply design comes with a nose clip for a snug fit. Note, they're not medical grade.  View Deal

Medical-grade face masks | £23 for 50 at HoMedics
If you're a carer or need something medical-grade, these single-use, disposable face masks are available to order in bulk at HoMedics. Another option is to head to Medisave, which has surgical face masks and KN95 masks available to order.View Deal

Face mask | £17 from Vistaprint
Here at T3, we've tried a couple of Vistaprint masks and found them to be great. The patterns are stylish, the cut fits the face well, and the fabric is comfortable. The sewn-in wire nose bridge enables a secure fit, and they now come with an integrated filter, too. They're available in both adults and kids' sizes. However, the brand currently seems to be having some serious issues with delivery, so it's perhaps one to avoid for the moment.View Deal

None of those take your fancy? Here are some more face mask options to try...

  • Look Fantastic – Luxury face masks with a mulberry silk outer layer and breathable cotton lining
  • Buff – Kid and adult designs with surgical-grade filters
  • Moshi Omniguard – Extremely breathable, with filters included and a carry pouch
  • Sleepy people – 5 reusable masks for £10 (but selling out fast!)
  • Sea Salt – 3-pack, printed masks, made from organic cotton
  • Casetify – Simple design with changeable filters
  • Migrate Art – Super-cool reversible prints from top designers, with 100% net profit going to #masksformeals initiative
  • Boots – Organic cotton sateen in funky prints from British designers
  • Baukjen – Basic cotton or premium designs (in fun prints) available
  • Boden – Three-pack of different Boden colours and prints
  • Hype – Different styles and designs; adult and child options available
    Samuel Johnson – Options for men, women and children
  • Marta Scarampi – High quality face masks, with different size options for men, women and children
  • Keen via Cotswold Outdoor – Pre-order, due 23-25 July
  • Adidas – Currently sold out, but an excellent cheap face mask
  • Gap – Only children's masks in stock currently (keep an eye out for family pack of masks restocking) 

Where to buy the best face masks in the US

The best face mask overall | $18 at Vistaprint
Durable construction, quality fabrics, and free shipping mean Vistaprint is our pick for the best face mask overall right now. These face masks feature reinforced stitching, a 3-dimensional chin structure. An in-built nosepiece can be adjusted for a snug fit (good news for glasses wearers), and there's a replaceable nanofiber filter. There are also kids' options.View Deal

The best face masks for charity donations | $22 for one at Hedley&Bennett
Hedley& Bennett runs a buy-one-donate one scheme on its single face masks, and gives a percentage of proceedings from multipacks to charity too. The face masks themselves are super-smart, fitted designs with a filter pockets, flexible metal nose piece, reinforced stitching and space for a name tag.View Deal

The comfiest face mask | 2 for $20 at Purple Sleep
Purple has harnessed its innovative comfort tech to create a face mask you can wear for hours at a time. There's Hyper-Elastic Polymer gel for super-stretchy ear bands that won't lose their shape, and moisture-wicking Breeze Mesh for a breathable but effective mouth cover.View Deal

The best face masks if you wear glasses | 5 for $30 at Tie Bar
These Tie Bar face masks have a wire sewn into the top hem, to creating a custom, close fit that'll stop air escaping and fogging up your specs. They're also really excellent value for money – just $6 per mask (only slightly more than our 'cheap' option). They come in a selection of tonal, understated prints, including subtle stripes and tiny spots, and are made from 100% two-ply cotton, with an additional layer of shirting fabric. View Deal

The best cheap face mask | 5 for $26 at ASOS
ASOS has quite a few different multi-pack face mask options available, the cheapest working out at $5.20 per mask. There are plain and patterned options for both men and women. An easy, cheap option, with free shipping and returns. Alternatively, you Adidas is selling basic masks at 3 for $16.View Deal

The best clear mask for lip-readers | $16 from Simplylovelydesignco on Etsy
If having your mouth not visible is an issue, these face masks have a clear panel built in. It's a good choice if you need a covering that's accessible to lip-readers. This one is well-reviewed, and made from 100% cotton, with stretchy,  adjustable jersey ear straps.

View Deal

The best face mask for sport | $30 at Under Armour
It's so popular it's all sold out right now, but we're including it because it seems to be hands-down the best face mask for sport right now – and it's available for preorder. The hi-tech UA face mask is engineered for better airflow, comfort, and a cool feel. If you need something immediately, we'd recommend this super-stretchy face mask from Stringers' World instead.View Deal

Medical face masks | 50 for $14.99 at NewEgg
If you're working in a healthcare capacity and need a medical-grade mask, head to NewEgg. There's a limit of one per customer, but there's 50 in a box so it'll last you a while. Ships from the United States, and delivery times are super-speedy. Alternative places to head for medical face masks include DailySteals, NewEgg,  Gearbest and Akings.View Deal

The best eco-friendly face mask | $14.50 at Bomme Studio
Bomme Studio is selling dual-layer face masks made from sustainably made, upcycled 100% cotton fabric. These face masks have been designed in line with CDC recommendation and are being manufactured in LA, California. If you order on a weekday, there's free same-day shipping too. Alternatively, bag maker Caraa is selling face masks constructed out of repurposed materials from its production line.View Deal

The best patterned face masks | $15 at DIOP
Detroit-based DIOP has a range of face masks made from 100% wax printed cotton in a range of bold, vibrant prints. The elastic on these sits around the back of the head, to remove ear strain when wearing for long periods. A portion of proceeds also goes to charity.View Deal

The best kids' face masks | $18 at Vistaprint
Our best face mask overall also makes what we think are the best kids' face masks right now. Vistaprint offers some super-fun designs in smaller sizes, including dinosaurs and planets. Like the adult version, they're good quality and durable, with reinforced stitching, plus a 3D chin structure and a nose bridge. For more options, check out where to buy kids face masks (we also love this Disney/Pixar range, but beware, reviewers say it runs very small).View Deal

Want some more options? Try these...

  • StringKing – 2-ply washable cloth face masks
  • Bomme Studio – 100% cotton face masks, with free same-day shipping from LA
  • Naturepedic – Basic, double-layer organic cotton masks, 6 for $49
  • RendallCo – Double-layer dense, woven cotton, designed and made in LA
  • LA Apparel – Lots of colours and styles to choose from
  • Eastern Serenity – Various styles to suit different face shapes
  • Reformation – Basic, non-medical, reusable masks, plus the option to donate
  • Vida – Fitted fabric face masks, with multi-layer filter and nose strip for a snug fit
  • Araks – Luxe, high quality pleated face masks in a variety of floral and other prints
  • Subzero – Alternative styles, from Day of the Dead skulls to glow-in-the-dark options
  • RendallCo – Designed and made in LA, in smart, subtle patterns
  • Silkies – Hydrophobic finish to repel bodily fluids
  • Matteo – Double-layered, 100% cotton masks, with a pocket for a filter
  • Radian – Good value 5-pack, with kids' sizes also available

Should I be wearing a face mask?

Official guidelines in the US and UK advise citizens to wear mask in enclosed spaces and situations where it's difficult to social distance effectively, and they're also required by law in certain situations and places.

In the UK, wearing a face is became mandatory in shops and supermarkets in England in late July. Those not wearing a face mask could be fined up to £100. They're already required on public transport and in taxis. Face masks are also required in public places in 120 countries, including Italy, Spain, Germany and Greece. In the US, the rules vary from state to state. 

What kind of face mask works best?

There are a lot of different types of face masks. Medical-grade face masks, including surgical masks and N95 masks, are in very short supply, so it's mainly non-medical face masks that are being recommended to the general public.

For example, the UK document regarding face masks states: "A face covering is not the same as a facemask such as the surgical masks or respirators used as part of personal protective equipment by healthcare and other workers. These supplies must continue to be reserved for those who need it." Here's a closer look at the different types of face mask.

Man wearing face mask

(Image credit: Getty)

Surgical masks

Surgical face masks are probably what you think of when you think of a face mask. These are disposable, single-use masks made from pleated synthetic fabric. The fabric is breathable and these masks don't form an airtight seal against the face. How well they filter pathogens varies according to different studies. They're in very short supply at the moment.

Respirator masks

Respirators are the most effective at filtering pathogens. These are fitted to the face and sealed to keep pathogens out, and tested rigorously by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). 

There are a few different types, with different efficiency rates. For particles 100-300 nanometres in size: N95 respirators can filter 95% of particles; N99 respirators filter 99% of particles; and N100 respirators filter 99.7% of particles. Coronavirus is estimated to be 125 nm in size. 

Fabric face masks

Finally, there's homemade fabric masks, which are the least effective of the bunch at filtering pathogens. However, the research we have so far suggests that wearing one is still much better than not wearing one when it comes to reducing the likelihood of you unknowingly passing on the virus to others. 

There are a few elements that affect how effective cloth face masks are at filtering pathogens. One is the fabric it's made from – porous fabrics don't keep out tiny droplets very well. The CDC suggests two layers of tightly woven 100% cotton. Adding a filter, such as a coffee filter or paper towel, can help make your fabric face mask more effective.

Fit is also all-important. Gaps around your nose and jaw will make your mask much less effective. If your mask fits snugly around your nose and face, this should help improve the situation.

Can a face mask protect me from coronavirus?

The wearing of face masks is geared more towards keeping others healthy than protecting yourself. If someone with COVID-19 wears a face mask, this could prevent them from accidentally infecting other people – which is all the more important as the highest amount of viral transmission happens early on in the course of the disease, so infected people may be contagious before they start showing symptoms. 

A  study from Hong Kong found that wearing surgical masks could reduce the spread of COVID-19 by as much as 75%. A team of scientists in Hong Kong conducted a study using hamsters (more details here).

Some official bodies have been reluctant to recommend the wearing of face masks, fearing that it could have the knock-on effect of making people less disciplined about social distancing rules. There's also a massive shortage of medical-grade face masks, and encouraging everyone to wear one could reduce availability for those medical professionals and healthcare workers who need it most. 

How to make your own face mask

Can't get hold of a face mask, or want to leave the remaining stocks for medical professionals? It's relatively easy to make your own basic face mask, and you don't even need specialist equipment. 

Here's a short video showing you how to make a homemade face mask using a T-shirt, scarf or bandana.